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Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Henry Dana

Two Years Before The Mast by Richard Henry Dana

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In 1834 Richard Henry Dana, aged nineteen, broke off his studies at Harvard and enlisted as a Jack-tar on the brig Pilgrim. This is a faithful account of his voyage and experiences including storms round Cape Horn, pursuit by pirates and meeting many strange characters from foreign lands. It details the excruciating day to day existence in the American Merchant Service under a violent disciplinarian Captain Thompson, a `regular built down-east Johnny Cake, when its hot, damned good but when its cold, damned sour and indigestible’ whose use of the rope to keep order was not uncommon. `It is written out from a journal which I kept at the time and from notes which I made of most of the events as they happened and in it I have adhered closely to fact in every particular, and endeavoured to give each thing its true character' Dana maintained. It is both an exhilarating adventure story and a fascinating slice of history. This version is abridged to appeal to a wider audience.

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