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H.G. Wells said that 'Queen Victoria sat on England like a great paperweight and that after her death things blew all over the place.' It was a period of excitement and uncertainty, although Edward VII made himself popular with his subjects during the course of his reign. Despite the new outlook, the insouciance of the Victorian age still persisted - a belief in Empire, the upper class still a force but Shaw's 'New Man' was coming. The Great War would completely shatter the class system but the gradual change was witnessed and predicted among thinking writers like Bennett, Galsworthy and of course Wells himself.

Ayesha by H. Rider Haggard

Ayesha by H. Rider Haggard

Twenty years since their first adventure in Africa Leo assures Holly that Ayesha is alive and implores him to find her. They search through Asia and eventually arrive in the city of Kaloon, ruled by the mad Khan Rassen and his devious wife, the Khania Atene. They live under an uneasy truce with the …


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