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The Forsyte Saga Volume 5 by John Galsworthy

The Forsyte Saga Volume 5 by John Galsworthy

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The Forsyte feud continues into the next generation with Jolly and Val involved in a drunken bout of fisticuffs. Soames continues to pursue Irene driving her to seek refuge in Paris. Believing that she has a lover, he puts her under surveillance to obtain evidence. Jolyon travels to Paris on the pretext of discussing business and he and Irene spend some time together unaware their movements are being watched…… The love affair of Holly and Val continues to flourish despite Jolly daring the young Dartie to enlist and join him in the fight against the Boers. Soames has a plan which will enable Winifred to divorce and be rid of the adulterous Monty if only the erring husband stays away- but will he? Jolyon returns from France to bid farewell to his son and is greeted by another death at Robin Hill.

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