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The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

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Among the first ‘espionage thrillers’ and an acknowledged classic ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ well deserves its accolades as one of the best adventure stories of all time. Leaving aside the improbable denouement, the fast paced, brilliantly conceived narrative still excites and carries one along with the sheer suspense of the manhunt - a recurring theme in literature - and Hannay’s struggle against the evil that is the ‘Black Stone'. May 1914 Europe is close to war and spies are everywhere. Richard Hannay has arrived back in London to begin a new life when a spy called Scudder asks for help to uncover a German plot to murder the Greek Prime Minister in London and to steal British plans for the outbreak of war. He claims to be following a ring of German spies called the Black Stone. A few days later Scudder is murdered. Hannay is forced to continue Scudder’s work and is chased across Scotland both by police and German spies. The solution to the mysterious phrase Thirty-Nine Steps is a thread that runs through the whole story.
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Highly Recommended!
"Emily Eden is a neglected 19th century writer. Although not of the standard of Jane Austen, this book is nevertheless worth listening to. It is a gentle story with some humour included. In proof of this, I have just purchased Peter Joyce's version of the 'sister' book - The Semi-Detached House."
Mar 12 2012, 12:10 PM
by Maureen Edinburgh
I was totally engrossed right up to the end
"I was a little uncertain when buying this book as I felt it might have dated. Peter Joyce really makes the book come alive and dramatises it so you feel that you can really see what is happening. I was totally engrossed right up to the end. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a book well written, with a good story and someone reading it who really manages to convey what the author had in mind."
Mar 12 2012, 12:08 PM
by Arlene (London)
utterly transported
"I defy anyone not to be utterly transported by this classic thriller. Brilliantly narrated by Peter Joyce."
Mar 12 2012, 12:07 PM
by Louise (London)
The Thirtynine Steps
"John Buchan's novels wear their age well: this was brought home to me when I revisited my youth and listened to them read by Peter Joyce, whose tireless effort brought home the sheer drive and dexterity of the plot, as well as a vast range of accents. I urge these recordings on the public, not just of The Thirty Nine Steps but of all five Hannay novels. He is an under-rated novelist, partly because he had a South African career and a further one in the Diplomatic Service, culminating in the Governorship of Canada and we English suspect people who have more than one talent. Buchan sensitively observes whatever country he sets the novels and even in the first, short, Hannay novel there is room for a response to the Scots landscape; later novels all contain memorable, evocative descriptions. Once one is adjusted to the character and background of Hannay; stiff upper-lip, pukka sahib and all, we have excellently and tautly written novels and hardly a needless fatality. Go buy them!"
Mar 06 2010, 14:07 PM
by Roger J Flavell

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