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Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K. Jerome

Diary of a Pilgrimage by Jerome K. Jerome

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"This is a sensible book. I want you to understand that. This is a book to improve your mind. In this book, I tell you all about Germany – at all events all I know about Germany – and the Ober-Ammorgau Passion Play. I also tell you about other things. I do not tell you all I know about all these other things because I do not want to swamp you with knowledge. I wish to teach you gradually. I should only be defeating my own object that I, by making you think too much at first, give you a perhaps lasting dislike to the exercise. I have purposely put the matter in a light and attractive form so that I may secure the alteration of the young and frivolous. I do not want them to notice as they go on, that they are being instructed; and I have therefore endeavoured to disguise from them, so far as practicable, that this is to either an exceptionally clever or an exceptionally useful work. I want to do them good without their knowing it. I want to do you all good – to improve your minds and to make you think, if I can.
            What you will thank after you have read the book, I do not want to know. Indeed, I would rather not know. It will be sufficient reward for me to feel that I have done my duty and to receive a percentage on the gross sales!" – Extract from the Preface

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