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Rogue Herries Volume 2 by Hugh Walpole

Rogue Herries Volume 2 by Hugh Walpole

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It is 1745: Francis Herries and his family have been living in Borrowdale for 15 years. Margaret Herries died 7 years ago and the second chronicle begins with another death, that of Great Aunt Maria who narrowly fails to achieve her hundredth year. Francis has still not reconciled his inner demons but it seems that his manner is mellowing. Despite not being comfortable in the bosom of his family he is deeply affected by the violent death of someone near to him and greatly attracted to Mirabell Starr, a young 18 yr old flame- haired beauty whose fate, he believes, is inextricably tied to his own. He takes his son to Carlisle to find out the situation with regard to the Young Pretender who, marching south, having raised the standard at Glenfinnan, is trying to make good his ambition of defeating the English and restoring the royal line. Francis is shocked to find Mirabell there and disappointed to discover that she has a lover but these are troubled times and anything can happen when life is held so cheaply…… With great knowledge of the period and a clear love for the Cumbrian countryside Walpole envelops us in a time of political upheaval, of great pith and moment, which will affect young David and shape the future for the entire Herries clan.

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