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Vanessa by Hugh Walpole

Vanessa by Hugh Walpole

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Vanessa Paris is besotted with Benji. Despite returning her all consuming passion Benji will not commit himself to marriage because he fears he can never remain constant. Benjis actions finally prompt Vanessa to leave Cumbria and seek a life in London. She stays with the ever persistent Ellis who asks for her hand a third time... After Vanessas marriage Benji promises not to see her again but Ellis believes the opposite and in an escalating spiral of madness and suspicion Vanessa eventually fears for her life and turns to Benji, Ellis finally proposes that she be admitted to an asylum for her health and Vanessa realises that the marriage is over. The lovers at last move back to their beloved Cumbria. Their peace is soon shattered however as Benjie feels compelled to serve his country in the Boer war. He returns and over the ensuing years they develop an affinity for each other unequalled by any marriage in the Herries family and Vanessa bears a child, Sally. Another call to duty comes. Vanessa returns to nurse Ellis in the belief that he has not long to live. But Ellis defies the doctors prognosis and caring for him takes its toll upon her health. Is it possible that the terminally ill and insane husband may outlive his wife? Benji survives the revolution in Russia to come home from Petrograd and find England in turmoil. Sally falls in love only all does not go according to plan as history comes back to threaten her happiness. Her father decides to spend his final days in Cumberland. Will he be the last member of the family with the demon of the White Horse in his soul? It may be so. The family is at peace. It is 1932.

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